Who We Are

We are a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm which offers wealth management services forged from trusted relationships. Here at White Pine Investment Company, we take the term ‘client advocate’ to heart. With over 94 years of collective experience, we bring sound value-based principles to our clients’ accounts and manage them as if they were our own.

What We Do

We create a comprehensive financial plan which is unique for each client without the pressure of selling proprietary products. This plan is designed to help you achieve your financial goals and to provide you with the wherewithal to intelligently make it through the ups and downs of the market. White Pine can help you achieve peace of mind by assisting you in building a solid financial future.

What You
Need to Know

We keep your best interests at the forefront of our decision-making at all times. Our expertise and integrity will be the foundation of the relationship we develop together. We will help you withstand the storms and benefit from the calm times of the financial markets. Together, we will help you grow your wealth.

Case Studies: Can White Pine help someone like me?

Every individual is different and every financial plan must invariably be different. What is your current plan? How often do you revisit your plan and goals? To see some examples of people who have been able to achieve their financial goals, CLICK HERE

Our Fiduciary Responsibility

Many individuals might give you financial advice: insurance agents, CPAs, brokers, even your neighborhood barber and Uncle Bob. What you should focus on is finding someone who has your best interest at heart. Someone you can trust.

Investment Advisors are held to a Fiduciary Standard and are required to put their clients’ interests above their own. This means that they must do their best to make sure that their investment advice stems from accurate and complete analysis of each client’s full financial profile instead of proposing trades that may result in higher commissions for themselves. Additionally, Registered Investment Advisors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest and must place their own personal interests second to that of their clients at all times. Their first obligation must be to serve their clients.

Our fiduciary responsibility is a core value of White Pine Investment Company.


White Pine Investment Company continues its legacy of community involvement once again by partnering with the Life Remodeled 2016 Project. Life Remodeled (www.liferemodeled.com), a Detroit-based nonprofit that seeks to remodel lives along with neighborhoods, utilized a workforce of over 10,000 volunteers from community organizations, churches, businesses and people who care about the City of Detroit.

This year’s project was a massive undertaking: build a new park adjacent to Denby High School, renovate 79 homes, build a new community center, remove blight on 303 city blocks, board up 362 houses, and demarcate safe pathways to schools. Despite the 90 degree temperature and high humidity, the volunteers stretching from across the state of Michigan and its surrounding states were not discouraged.

“This is a pretty dramatic example of what happens when everybody pulls together… It’s the kind of respectful partnership that has a really powerful effect” says Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.