To help make this community thrive
It's our privilege to work with Life Remodeled

"Many thanks for spending your afternoon helping clean up a neighborhood that might not even know who to thank... I am proud to work with each one of you and thank God always for putting you in my life."

-R. King



For those of you that have volunteered with us in the past or simply have followed the mission of Life Remodeled, you know it’s always a rewarding adventure during the six day project.  Well, other then masks and social distancing, this year was no different.  Thankfully, this year we were blessed with perfect weather. For over three hours we mowed grass, picked up trash, and hacked away at bushes and overgrowth that had taken over not just the front of homes but the majority of the sidewalk preventing the community from being able to safely pass by.  To some it may not seem like the most rewarding use of time, however the determination that our team took and the joy it brought upon completion was well worth it.  For those who live in this neighborhood they can now walk past these lots and have a safer and cleaner passage to the local Boys and Girls Club.  Speaking of the neighbors, we were fortunate to meet and help out a young man who recently purchased a “fixer upper” from the land bank.  He has been working to put a new roof on over the last few weeks and recently started to demo the inside.  We were able to help remove over twenty bags of demo’d material and pray for him as he continues his project.  

The phrase on the Life Remodeled website reads “We exist to bridge people across divides to help transform each other’s lives” and I can't think of a better way of summing up our experience.  Thank you to all of you who were able to join us this week.  We hope even more of you will consider joining us next year!

-The White Pine Team

Past Years with Life Remodeled

When a team of employees, clients, friends and family have come together to help where they can. Our hearts and souls were warmed by the good will of helping the Detroit Community.

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