Life Remodeled Recap

This August the White Pine team joined forces with our clients and friends to once again serve the city of Detroit by participating in the Life Remodeled 2019 volunteer week.  In past years we have battled weeds and overgrown properties, trash and blight removal, and of course the weather.  This year was a different challenge…125 children attending a summer camp! 

We were fortunate to spend the day interacting with kids ages 5-13 and partaking in a wide variety of games and activities that kept us all full of joy and laughter.  Part of the camp’s emphasis is a daily discussion around a variety of topics.  On Monday they started the week talking about friendships.  It was great to hear virtues like companionship, kindness, trust and love being discussed in our small groups.  We followed that up with a game of caterpillar which had everyone laughing hysterically.  There is nothing like a preschool game to bring out the competitiveness of adults and kids alike!  Overall it was a wonderful day partnering with Life Remodeled and seeing the impact that has been made over the years.  We look forward to volunteering with them again next year and hope more of you will be able to join us.

Some 2019 Life Remodeled Highlights:

*9,713 volunteers from the city and suburbs

*Cleared 257 heavily blighted alleyways

*Hosted a summer camp for 125 children and a basketball camp for 37 youth

*Family Fun Day drew in more than 3,000 Detroit kids and their families

* Recap Video

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