White Pine Invests in Detroit


White Pine Investment Company continues its legacy of community involvement once again by partnering with the Life Remodeled 2016 Project. Life Remodeled (www.liferemodeled.com), a Detroit-based nonprofit that seeks to remodel lives along with neighborhoods, utilized a workforce of over 10,000 volunteers from community organizations, churches, businesses and people who care about the City of Detroit.

This year’s project was a massive undertaking: build a new park adjacent to Denby High School, renovate 79 homes, build a new community center, remove blight on 303 city blocks, board up 362 houses, and demarcate safe pathways to schools. Despite the 90 degree temperature and high humidity, the volunteers stretching from across the state of Michigan and its surrounding states were not discouraged. "This is a pretty dramatic example of what happens when everybody pulls together… It’s the kind of respectful partnership that has a really powerful effect” says Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

This was a perfect partnership between two organizations who believe in family values, hope, humanity and sustainable change both for the community and for the lives therein. Russ King, President and Founder of White Pine, stated: “We are serving with Life Remodeled because we believe that their mission is to rebuild not just the physical structure of Detroit but to serve lives and families; giving people hope.” Hope was in abundance during this week of community action and the city of Detroit embraced the project with open arms.