Great read. Easy way to keep it in perspective with all the craziness going on around us at this time.

Free Oil By Michael Molitor


Agreed that this was a very informative and clearly written piece. It’s nice to learn something useful, especially in this strange time.

Free Oil By Michael Molitor

- Joan

A clear, well-written article. Enjoyable reading. More articles of this nature would be appreciated.


Free Oil By Michael Molitor

- Rich

 Thanks coach for your work and for keeping us in line! I wish I had known you in 2007!

Lessons from History By Tony DiGiovanni

- Otty

Tony, as always, your writing is eloquent and insightful. Truly appreciate you sharing your wisdom and knowledge regarding economic impact we face based on current and historical events. That information helps us make wise short and long term financial decisions. Kudos.

Stranger Things by Tony Digiovanni

- Deborah B

This is really well written and very interestingly informative….well done…..and Thank You!


Stranger Things by Tony Digiovanni

-Jan S

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Free Oil

By Michael Molitor April 22, 2020 6 Comments
Headlines from news sources across the financial industry rushed to proclaim “Oil Trading at Negative Prices” yesterday as the May contract for WTI (West Texas…
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